Prolimatech's first cpu cooler for entry level computer system, Lynx!Lynx has three high quality nickel plated heatpipes with aluminum fins for effective heat transfer.The compact design provides high compatibility, perfect for small chassis.
It supports Intel socket LGA 1155/1156 and AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2.One 120x120x25mm PWM fan (800~1600 rpm) is included and it is also possible for adding fan to  maximizecooling performance!
  • Intel LGA1156 Backplate
    Intel LGA1156 Backplate
  • AM2/2+/3/3+ Backplate
    AM2/2+/3/3+ Backplate
  • Bracket Arm 1156
    Bracket Arm 1156
  • Bracket Arm AM2/2+/3/3+
    Bracket Arm AM2/2+/3/3+
  • M3 x 6 Screw
    M3 x 6 Screw
  • Spring-loaded Screw
    Spring-loaded Screw
  • 12025 Fan Wire Clips
    12025 Fan Wire Clips
  • Thermal Compound
    Thermal Compound
  • 12025 Black Fan
    12025 Black Fan