PK-1 Thermal Compound(1.5g 、5g、30g)
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Over the years, Prolimatech PK-1 has become one of the hardware testers’ favorite. It is not hard to see why. PK-1 is a premium grade of thermal compound that is easy to spread and is reliable throughout the year. It will not dry out while continuing to provide good heat transfer from your CPU to your heatsink base. Performance-wise, Pk-1 is a contender for the top spot as it beat other major brands of thermal compound in the market.
Specific Gravity 3.2g/cm³
Adhesiveness 310000Cps
Thermal Conductivity 10.2 W/m-℃
Thermal Impedance 0.017 ℃-in²/W
Included One syringe of thermal compound and one easy-spread card
Dielectric Constant 3 KV/mm