Prolimatech has released its first VGA cooler in the name of MK-13! After claiming the top spot for air CPU cooling with our Megahalems, we had our eyes set on the throne of VGA cooling and we shall not be denied!
In our lab tests, equipped with two 120mm fans, the MK-13 proved to be better than today’s leading VGA coolers. Best of all, its compatibility list will never get outdated with our Omni-Mount Retention System.
Our mounting system works by having interchangeable parts. As new VGA cards come out, we will have the new mounting hardware ready. No need to upgrade or buy an entirely new VGA Cooler!
  • Installation of one 140mm fan (at 1000-1200 rpm) can effectively cool two VGA cards
  • Can be installed with a maximum of four fans in an one-card configuration under the right conditions
  • Cools both the GPU and VGA card surrounding
  • Will not produce ceiling effect like other competitors’ VGA coolers
  • Interchangeable Mounting hardware for installation on future released VGA cards
  • Fan Secure System to allow creative fan configuration
  • Premium soldering on all contact points for maximum heat conduction
  • Six high quality nickel-plated copper heatpipes
  • No additional weight is put on the VGA card since cooling fans are not installed directly onto the heatsink
  • Leading-edge heatsink design allowing best heat absorption and dissipation ratio