PK-Zero Thermal Compound(1.5g 、5g、30g、150g、300g、600g)
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When you require performance, reliability, and quality the PK compounds are where to turn to. The PK-Zero offers many of the same excellent benefits of the PK line, but at a budget price. It is easy to apply, requires no burn-in time, has a long lifespan with low dry-out, and is not electrically conductive. The nanoparticles help to fill in microscopic imperfections in the surfaces between the heat sink and contact surface, providing leading brand thermal dissipation!
Specific Gravity 2.6g/cm³
Adhesiveness 210000 Cps
Thermal Conductivity 8 W/m-℃
Thermal Impedance 0.019 ℃-in²/W
Included One syringe of thermal compound and one easy-spread card(1.5g)
One syringe of thermal compound amd one easy-to-spread spoon(5g、30g)
One bottle of thermal compound amd one easy-to-spread spoon(150g、300g、600g)
Dielectric Constant 4 KV/mm