Megahalems Rev.C
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In early September, Intel has finally released the long-anticipated Socket 1156. In following pursuit, Prolimatech released the bigger and better version of the Megahalems. Now it comes with extra set of fan clips for even better cooling results. It also includes the new all-in-one backplate for an easy, convenient installation on Intel Socket 775, 1156, 1366 and  2011. Also added to the upgrade package is the new material for the top fin on this "Mega" heatsink. This particular fin is made of all stainless steel. Its main features incorporate a greater resistance to accidental scratches and oxidation. For regular maintenance, all you have to do is lightly polish it with a soft cloth so you’ll always have that new out-of-the-box shiny looks; great for showing off at LAN parties and to your friends!
  • (Intel) Backplate
    (Intel) Backplate
  • (Intel) LGA775 Backplate Spacer
    (Intel) LGA775 Backplate Spacer
  • Aluminum Mounting Plate
    Aluminum Mounting Plate
  • 120/140mm Fan Wire Clips
    120/140mm Fan Wire Clips
  • Thermal Compound
    Thermal Compound
  • (Intel) Rivet Nut
    (Intel) Rivet Nut
  • (Intel) O-ring
    (Intel) O-ring
  • (Intel) Aluminum Strip Adapter
    (Intel) Aluminum Strip Adapter
  • (Intel) Double End Stud With Nut
    (Intel) Double End Stud With Nut
  • (Intel) Screw Nut
    (Intel) Screw Nut
  • (Intel) Spring-loaded Screw
    (Intel) Spring-loaded Screw
  • (Intel) LGA 2011 Mounting Kit
    (Intel) LGA 2011 Mounting Kit
  • (AMD) Screw Nut
    (AMD) Screw Nut
  • (AMD)Conversion-metal Retention Mount
    (AMD)Conversion-metal Retention Mount
  • (AMD) Spring-Loaded Screw
    (AMD) Spring-Loaded Screw