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PK-Zero Thermal Compound(1.5g 、5g、30g、150g、300g、600g)When you require performance, reliability, and quality the PK compounds are where to turn to. The PK-Zero offers many of the same excellent benefits of the PK line, but at a budget price. It is easy to apply, requires no burn-in time, has a long lifespan with low dry-out, and is not electrically conductive. The nanoparticles help to fill in microscopic imperfections in the surfaces between the heat sink and contact surface, providing leading brand thermal dissipation!
PK-1 Thermal Compound(1.5g 、5g、30g)Over the years, Prolimatech PK-1 has become one of the hardware testers’ favorite. It is not hard to see why. PK-1 is a premium grade of thermal compound that is easy to spread and is reliable throughout the year. It will not dry out while continuing to provide good heat transfer from your CPU to your heatsink base. Performance-wise, Pk-1 is a contender for the top spot as it beat other major brands of thermal compound in the market.
PK-2 Thermal Compound(1.5g 、5g、30g)When putting down, nothing beats smooth and easy.  That is why we created the PK-2 thermal compound.  The PK-2 thermal compound is a high performance thermal bonding agent specially designed for easy application.PK-2's core feature is its low viscosity, allowing for one to quickly and easily apply the thinnest coat of thermal compound possible.This will get your components up close and personal in no time.
PK-3 Thermal Compound(1.5g 、5g、30g)Like two hot lovers, a heatsink and the processor want to make full contact.  But microscopic imperfections in their craftsmanship create small gap for air.  These gaps act as thermal insulators, inhibiting the transfer of thermal energy from your components. PK-3 thermal compound is made up of specially designed nano particles, engineered to correct these imperfections.  The nano particles work by filling in the small air gaps and allowing for peak transfer of heat away from your components.