PK-3(1.5g / 5g / 30g)
> Reviews > Thermal Compound > PK-3(1.5g / 5g / 30g) has done its magic once again when it comes down to cooling. Not only do they show they are one of the best CPU cooling companies on the planet but also give you a complete cooling package that would include the thermal compound as well. Both the PK-2 and PK-3 proved to be better than the industry standard Arctic Silver 5. The PK-3 took the crowning spot amongst the three pastes that we tested. This could be mostly due to the nano particles that are added to the mix. But the PK-2 is no slouch either. Applying the compound is a nice no mess experience. We find that it was easy to spread, if that is your method of applying. The added applicators is a plus.
http://www.hwlegend.comProlimatech ha svolto un ottimo lavoro, producendo di fatto, due degni successori alla precedente soluzione PK-1. Le nuove soluzioni PK-2 e PK-3 saranno in grado di soddisfare tutti gli utenti, grazie alla loro qualità eccelsa e alle ottime prestazioni che sono in grado di offrire.
http://www.technews.ltPo tvirto pasirodymo testuose, kuomet PK-3 užėmė pirmąją vietą, o PK-2 niekuo nenusileido NT-H1 bei toli paliko MX-4, pažvelgus į gramo/kainos santykį išvados tampa kiek apsunkintos. tres compuestos térmicos que nos ofrece Prolimatech muestran un rendimiento excelente ayudando a un buen disipador a reducir unos grados la temperatura final del procesador.

Desde del El Chapuzas Informático le otorgamos el galardón de platino a los tres compuestos por su excelente rendimiento, aunque debemos tener en cuenta el precio a la hora de comprar estos u otros compuestos térmicos.