Mega Shadow
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By popular demand, the ever popular Megahalems now comes in BLACK! If looks could kill, this heatsink would reap havoc on any competitor in its path!! Housing this Intimidator is a specially designed package that has every look of a “Collector’s Edition”! Inside the package you get not only one but two sets of fan clips for setting up an awesome arsenal of duo fans. You also get support for installation on any of the Intel’s recent platforms. Those include Socket 775, 1366, and of course, the newest 1156. No longer will you have to choose which backplate to use because a specially designed universal backplate has been created for better convenience and better cooling results. What Megahalems has set in performance standards, now Mega Shadow will raise the bar one level higher! Everything else aside, if looks are everything to you, this is the one heatsink to get!!
  • Black nickle plated to preserve top quality.
  • Minimal air resistance between fins allowing best balance between noise and performance in range of . For all out performance, fan RPM at 1600 or above is recommended.
  • Heatpipes are lined up in a straight line to prevent air back draft allowing air to easily pass through the heatsink body.
  • Wide fins with mathematically calculated thickness to maximize best air-to-surface cooling rate.
  • Uniquely designed, easy-to-install retention mechanism to increase cooling ability.
  • Supports Intel Socket 775, 1136, and the new 1156.Includes two sets of fan clips for a duo-fan (push-pull) set up