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Megahalems was Prolimatech’s first ever CPU heatsink and it quickly became the one to beat and paved the road for all others to follow. Months have passed and competition has once again heated up. One noticible thing is that size has become larger and larger in these heatsinks. This may not be practical as clearance becomes an issue.
With Armageddon, strap on a 14cm fan and let Prolimatech show you that brawn can overcome size. Time to rid of the playing yield. Armageddon! 
  • Intel Backplate
    Intel Backplate
  • Rivet Nut
    Rivet Nut
  • O-ring
  • Aluminum Strip Adapter
    Aluminum Strip Adapter
  • Double End Stud With Nut
    Double End Stud With Nut
  • Screw Nut
    Screw Nut
  • Aluminum Mounting Plate
    Aluminum Mounting Plate
  • Spring-loaded Screw
    Spring-loaded Screw
  • 140mm Arma Clip
    140mm Arma Clip
  • Thermal Compound
    Thermal Compound
  • LGA 2011 Mounting Kit
    LGA 2011 Mounting Kit