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Prolimatech has released its first VGA cooler in the name of MK-13! After claiming the top spot for air CPU cooling with our Megahalems, we had our eyes set on the throne of VGA cooling and we shall not be denied!
In our lab tests, equipped with two 120mm fans, the MK-13 proved to be better than today’s leading VGA coolers. Best of all, its compatibility list will never get outdated with our Omni-Mount Retention System.
Our mounting system works by having interchangeable parts. As new VGA cards come out, we will have the new mounting hardware ready. No need to upgrade or buy an entirely new VGA Cooler!

*Warning!To ensure a more steady installation, a chassis with at least 20cm of width is strongly recommeded.

*MK-13 TDP (Thermal Design Power) <120W

Compatibility List

Geforce GTX 250 V

Radeon HD 3850 V

Geforce GTX 260 V

Radeon HD 3870 V

Geforce GTX 275 V

Radeon HD 4830 V

Geforce GTX 280 V

Radeon HD 4850 V

Geforce GTX 285 V

Radeon HD 4870 V

Geforce 7800 GT V

Radeon HD 4890 V

Geforce 7800 GTX V

Radeon HD 5750 V

Geforce 7900 GS V

Radeon HD 5770 V

Geforce 7900 GT V

Radeon HD 5850 V

Geforce 7900 GTX V

Radeon HD 5870 v

Geforce 8800 GT(G92) V

Radeon HD 6950 V

Geforce 8800 GTS(G92) V

Radeon HD 6970 v

Geforce 8800 GTX V

Geforce 8800 Ultra V

Geforce 9600 GT V

Geforce 9800 GT V

Geforce 9800 GTX V

Geforce 9800 GTX+ V

Geforce GTX 460 V

Geforce GTX 470 V

Geforce GTX 480 X

Geforce GTX 570 V

Geforce GTX 580 V

Case Compatibility V=Compatible X=Incompatible

Silverstone X RV02 X



*MK-13 Compatibility Notice for SLI/CrossFire Configuration.

For each MK-13, there has to be a clearance of at least 50mm (from GPU).

SLI/CF configuration will not work if the second MK-13 extends beyond the motherboard,

unless your chassis allows enough headroom (50mm).